>Blue doesn’t necessarily mean sad

>For my first post on this blog, I’ve got to clarify a few things.  For those that don’t know, since freshman year of college, I was affectionately referred to as “Blue” or “Blue Nate” amongst ultimate frisbee circles.  Ultimate frisbee cirlces occasionally turned into everyone I knew, which somehow ended up with me receiving a facebook message from my Uncle some days ago asking if I now preferred to be called Blue.  Well, I don’t care what you call me, but you should know the title of this blog is indeed partly derived from my nickname and partly an ill-conceived metaphorical statement of intent. 

Blue usually connotes something melancholy or tranquil or just downright gloomy.  I don’t think the city of Philadelphia is any of those things at all.  The color blue ought to rid itself of those associations and I plan to use this blog to help it out.  I hope blue can come to represent some sort of ambiguous eclecticism that defines the things I like most about the city of Philadelphia.  This blog is not solely about the city, but now that I’m living here for at least a year, Philly will certainly cast a shadow over most every entry I post.  I’ll be writing a lot about Philly sports teams, that’s for sure.  And sports in general.  As perhaps my numero uno hobby, I’ve long been looking for an outlet to share thoughts and observations about professional sports.  But I’ll also be writing about things I like–an unfortunately broad topic.  The occasional film review, thoughts on new music, short stories, real-life anecdotes, fashion, cars, TV, books (once I learn how to read), and maybe even some poems for all y’all romantics out there to read to your hubbies in times of distress–expect it all and feel free to respond or contact me if you want to talk about any of the stuff I write.

Well, I don’t know you but I love you (is that a line from a movie because if not it should have been already) and I thank you for reading.  More to come soon.


One thought on “>Blue doesn’t necessarily mean sad

  1. >Congratulations on starting the blog Nate, I am lovin the initiative."The man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." -TR

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