>Gotta weigh in on this Eagles QB situation

>I’ve always supported the Philadelphia Eagles in just about every decision they make.  Maybe not at first, sometimes it takes a little while for it to set in.  Trading McNabb when he still had good value for a second round pick and getting Nate Allen with that pick–that ended up working out.  Not even asking Brian Dawkins if he’d be willing to take a pay-cut to stay with the Eagles (of course he would)–that was a mistake.  Last year Dawkins made the probowl with the Broncos and our defense looked lost without him (and Stew Bradley).  Letting go of Westbrook, Jon Runyan, Tra Thomas for younger players?  I’m also OK with that, the whole youth movement.  But never has a personnel decision like the Vick/Kolb situation been so complicated and problematic.

I understand the idea of giving the ball to the “hot hand” in Vick.  Problem is, he looked good against a Packers D that was protecting a big lead for one half and against one of the worst defenses in the league.  Most people think this is a win-now move by Andy Reid.  But even if Vick looks good again against the Jaguars this week, the Eagles aren’t looking like a Super Bowl team right now, and this season could potentially be wasted with Vick winning a few games here and there, maybe even giving the Eagles a winning season, but with Kolb getting no experience starting every week in the NFL.  Kolb is 25.  Maclin, Jackson, Celek, McCoy–they’re all under 25.  Vick is 30.  If the goal is to build a team that can contend for the next decade, like the 2000-2010 Eagles, then we are essentially wasting a whole year of maturation and team chemistry under Kolb.  My belief is that we will see Kevin Kolb start again this year.  Even if Vick plays well, once we get a better read on where this team is at, it’s possible that Kolb will return to starting.  I kind of think Reid just wants to see if Vick can guide us on some sort of miraculous run.  It also doesn’t hurt to give Kolb some extra time to heal after his concussion.  If Vick loses consecutive games or even one game after a really poor performance, then we should count on seeing Kolb back as the starter.  But as long as Vick is winning and keeping the Eagles in playoff contention, he’ll keep starting.

It’s kind of a shame that we can’t let Kolb get some experience, even behind a patchy offensive line, but as a loyal fan who knows anything can happen in any given year and sometimes the most unlikely of teams have a chance at winning the Super Bowl, I’m willing to see this experiment out and give Vick a chance.  Kolb is a tough guy and I believe he is still the future of this team–he can get over this embarrassment and still be a franchise quarterback, but the chances of that are a little bit lower now than they were a day ago.  This is, hopefully, a small setback for Kolb, and a risky move by the Eagles to win games with a team that may or may not be playoff bound.  Fortunately, the season is long and only time will tell who should start for the Eagles this year.  I think we’ll see some Vick, some Kolb, and ultimately in the end, Kolb will remain the quarterback of the future.  For now, Vick has the chance to win games for the Eagles, however, I believe he’s on a short leash.  If Vick falters, expect to see Kolb back in there as the circus continues.


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