>No epic comeback, no World Series.

When Game 6 began, it seemed like the Phillies would coast for an easy win.  Oswalt looked like he had all his pitches firing on all cylinders and the Phillies put up two runs in the first inning.  But 11 stranded base-runners later, the Giants had found a way to eek out another meek, weak, ugly win.  I’m obviously bitter about the whole series, the way the Phillies underperformed and the Giants seemed to get all the right breaks.  So many ground balls that found holes for the Giants seemed to go right into gloves for the Phillies.  The Phillies couldn’t catch a break and certain studs like Chase Utley and Ryan Howard played like scrubs all series long. 

The hardest part is knowing there won’t be a chance to watch playoff baseball in Philadelphia for an entire year.  The team is built to contend next year, but the window of opportunity will continue to slowly close as time goes on and this already old team grows older.  I want them to re-sign Werth, but with Domonic Brown ready to blossom into an everyday starter, I think it’s smart to inject some youthful energy into this lineup and use the money elsewhere.  Ideally, we would keep Werth and have Brown take over Ibanez’s spot in left, but we’ll leave these decisions for Reuben to make this offseason.

And of course, to top off the massively disappointing weekend, the Eagles allowed 27 points in the 4th quarter after looking very much in control for most of the game against the Titans.  It’s just one of those weekends where nothing goes right for Philly teams and you just have to suck it up.  Fortunately, there are things in life that are, in fact, more important than professional sports—and I’m looking forward to starting up work (my career!?) tomorrow at Penn.  Got to get up early now that I’m working the 9-5 grind, so I’ll wrap this up….expect a post about Affleck movies coming soon, as well as my very first album review ever…


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