>DeSean Jackson is my boy


Why is Desean Jackson my boy?  Well, it’s hard to find one reason I’ve loved him since the minute he was drafted in the second round by the Eagles in 2008.  At first thought, it’s his diminutive size, comparably speaking, for an NFL player.  At 5’10” 175lbs he is basically my exact same build, with a few extra pounds of muscle, so I like to imagine it’s me out there running those deep patterns (especially when I’m wearing his jersey on gamedays).  His speed and acceleration are, of course, his greatest assets and I’ve always considered speed or quickness to be the key factor in almost every sport.  This may not be true, but since I rely on speed in sports more so than technique, form, or consistency, I’m going to pretend speed is the all-important factor (it really can be, at times, the only factor that matters).  And then of course he’s got the mental determination and work ethic that I think goes mostly unnoticed and overlooked by fans and the media. The dude studies tape really hard and he works on the fundamentals really hard, and still finds time to go out to Atlantic City on the weekends or fly to Miami for the Heat/Lakers game and have a good time.  He loves to party, but he never lets that get in the way of his work, and on gameday, he’s always one of the most focused, determined, and above all–competitively confident players on the field.  I just love everything about him, even his broken-English twitter posts, and I wouldn’t trade him straight up for Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson or any of my other favorite star wideouts in the league.  Dude’s got a Philly swagger about him, that’s why he’s my boy.


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