>A lil somethin to break the monotony

>It’s tough to blog when you’re grinding out the 9 to 5.  I get home from work and I’m too tired to commit to writing a full post.  I want my posts to be completely thought out, perfectly synthesized, but I’m realizing one of the best parts about blogs is that they’re rarely perfect.  Bloggers, especially the ones that post daily, have to rely on instinct and gut feelings.  It’s all about getting the information out there concisely and efficiently, so there’s no time to proof-read a hundred times and make every post worthy of professional publication.

So, I’m going to try to relax a bit because my promise to post more frequently and with less detail has been broken.  Well the first part of that promise at least has been broken as I haven’t posted since the Vick article about two weeks ago–and I’ve been feeling guilty about it.  The most creative effort I’ve been able to muster since then has come in the form of me writing down a paragraph or two about a blog post I want to write, usually right before I go to bed when my brain can hardly muster the energy to form sentences.

Rather than write about my life or other little insiginifcant things (like I’m doing right now), I have professed before that I want to use this blog to write serious, creative, and imaginitative critiques or examinations of things going on in and around my life.  I do want my articles to be worthy of publication, however, I have to remember that right now it’s more important to hone the craft of writing rather than get ahead of myself with ideas of writing more seriously (i.e. regularly), dare I say…the type of writing for which I’d be paid.

So, let me say again that I have a lot of great ideas for posts, some of which will lose their poignancy if I don’t write them within the next week or so, so expect to see those soon.  In the meantime, I might interject a few personal thoughts here and there–even though I don’t want this site to be about my life, sometimes there’s just nothing else easier to write about when the most important thing is just to be writing.  So, you can skip over the posts that aren’t serious or important and I won’t mind one bit.  In fact, I’ll only ever update my Facebook status about posts that are about serious, interesting stuff. 

In that sense, since I didn’t advertise this post I don’t feel bad telling you I went to the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Houston Texans game last night and it was a blast.  Sat in the lower section (104), twenty rows back with my Dad, and I was just amazed with how close we were and how good everything looked, at night, under the lights.  In person, the game really slows down and you can see plays develop a lot better.  You’re not constrained by the television broadcast and you get to appreciate football in a different way.  It really humanizes the players and the game, seeing everything up close like that.  In some ways it has changed the way I watch football, but more than anything it was just a great chance to mortalize all those Eagles players I’ve spent this year analyzing and thinking about so much.  Eagles are 8-4, on pace to meet my preseason prediction of 10-6.  Lookin’ good so far.


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