>Season Over

>I don’t know how local sports writers can actually write after their team suffers a tough loss. How do you divorce the fan from the writer and actually say something coherent?  I’m not going to try, I’m just going to share a few quick thoughts about the Eagles playoff loss that just occurred and be done with it.  The fact that they were so very close to winning it in the last second makes this one even tougher to swallow. If Riley Cooper had caught that last throw, instead of it being intercepted, we could be on our way to beating the Bears and heading for a chance at the Super Bowl.  I truly believe this would be the toughest game for the Eagles on their quest to get to the Super Bowl, and in turned out they weren’t good enough to get away with a win and a lot of momentum for the next game.  But I think most of us Eagles fans knew this team was flawed, it was just a matter of whether they could play at or near the top of their game for 4 games in a row.  Unfortunately, the defense wasn’t good enough, couldn’t stop them on third down at all, and couldn’t stop the run…and the offense wasn’t dynamic enough to put up more than 21 points at home.  Where were the screen passes to McCoy?  No play action bootlegs for Vick?  Overall, the team just wasn’t quite good enough…even then, they could have easily come away with a win in the last seconds…that’s the contradiction that makes it really hard for Eagles fans right now….knowing we weren’t good enough to win the Super Bowl this year, but also that we were more than capable of making a miraculous run at it anyway.  So now we rebuild and focus on next year.  I’ve never felt so clairvoyant towards the areas in which the Eagles need to improve.  I expect one big free agent signing (usually we build through the draft, but we signed Asante as a free agent and could do the same with Asomugha). I expect the O-line to get better, the team will be one year older and more experienced next year.

Akers misses also really sucked, but those things happen.  He’s not going anywhere, and neither is Andy Reid.  Vick will be back, Kolb could be traded but I expect him to stay as well.  Any ideas of a huge shakeup should be thrown out the window when you consider how this team over-performed all year long.  Sean McDermott could lose his job, but I say they give him another year to see if he can make this defense elite.  Overall, the Eagles will be better next year and that’s nice to know, but I am just dying for that elusive Super Bowl victory, so knowing it’s another year until playoff football really is a bummer.  But the Flyers have been dominant, the Phillies are gearing us up for an historic season with four aces, and even the Sixers are showing signs of improvement.  The sports world will continue on in Philadelphia, sadly for the fans though, the Super Bowl will have to wait at least another year.  😦


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