Life without Utley?

From everything I’m reading, it’s looking more and more like Chase Utley will miss some significant playing time this year.  The “patella tendinitis” knee injury thing just sort of came out of nowhere, and it’s really disappointing that we’re having injury issues with our star players before the season has even started, BUT, I just want to point out that this news isn’t exactly a huge blow to the number one goal of the season:  winning the World Series.

I’ve heard that Utley could require surgery and miss the whole season, and I’ve heard that he could miss just the first few weeks.  I think the actual result may end up somewhere in the middle.  Apparently Brandon Inge had the same injury in November of 2009, had surgery, and was ready to play in April 2010.  If they decide to go ahead with surgery for Utley in order to get him healthy for the “long term” as Reuben Amaro said, then I expect Utley will be ready to go sometime in July.  Another few months to get back into the groove and, ideally, he would be back to his normal self come playoff time in September/October.

The point is, the Phillies don’t need Chase Utely or Jayson Werth to make the playoffs this year, with the pitching staff they’ve assembled.  Even without those # 3 and # 5 hitters from last year, the offense, despite its age and lefty-leanings, is still above average–still adequate enough to put up the required amount of runs to get the win if Halladay, Lee, Hamels, and Oswalt provide a good start.  As long as we have Utley for the last few months of the season and for the playoffs, I’m not completely torn apart by all of this.  Of course, it really sucks a lot, everyone loves Utley in Philadelphia and we want him out there, but without him, the team will live.




On another note, I happened to catch The Strokes performance on SNL last Saturday of their new song “Under Cover of Darkness”.  I feel like they really nailed it, considering how hard it can be to sound good when you’re playing live on SNL.  I just am really digging the vibes here and expect that The Strokes, despite already being a household name, will really achieve super-stardom with this next album they’re releasing.  Besides it being easy to confuse them with “The Shins”, they’re going to really get big soon I think.  Video below…


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