Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I can’t stop envisioning the most miraculous turnaround in NFL history.  If the Giants lose to the Jets this Saturday and the Eagles beat the Cowboys, my hallucinations of grandeur will grow.  In the mind of any NFL fan, there will always be the mirage of a Super Bowl victory.  At the start of each season, each team has a chance.  As the season progresses, some teams fall behind while others surge ahead.  In the process, the hopes and expectations of the fans wavers accordingly.

The fact remains that with only two weeks left in the season, the Eagles are still capable of making the playoffs.  In turn, they are also still capable of winning the Super Bowl.  My hopes and expectations have fluctuated wildly throughout this season and, even now, the dream exists on life support.  But this week-to-week uncertainty is all that we have left and I refuse to embrace any other attitude except that which whole-heartedly supports the possibility of the Super Bowl.  Until that dream has been destroyed, I will be absorbed by the possibility and I won’t let my common sense convince me otherwise.  Of course, the results of this Saturday’s game may force my hand in the matter, but until that happens, it’s impossible to give up–especially considering how short the NFL season is, how much time we as fans dedicate to it.

It also helps that the Eagles are playing their best football of the year.  And that they only need to win-out and have two other games go their way to make this happen.

Let’s sit back and see what Christmas Eve football brings.  In a few short days, if the possibility remains, I will return more intoxicated with hope than ever.


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