LeBron and the 2012 Finals Part III: Mission Complete

Dear LeBron,

Enjoy the off-season, my man–you’ve earned it.  You might just have to write a book about what it feels like to experience the most massive stress release in the history of sports.  This summer, you’ll be a new man.  Spend some extra time with your kids, let them where your ring.  It really was about damn time.  I’m happy for you. Nine years of expectation lifted off your shoulders.  Jumping around on the sideline last night, you looked like an exuberant young boy on a playground.  It was nice to see you finally let it all hang out.  There will still be haters, but now you can flash them the bling.  There will still be obstacles, but at this point, what haven’t you already overcome?  Enjoy the respite while you can, but get ready to come back just as strong and determined as you were this year.  Can’t get complacent, can’t ever forget what 2011 felt like.  There will be plenty of people who want to write about what it finally all means, but not me, not now.  I’m gonna rest like you and survey the landscape of reactions, at least, before I try to consecrate your victory.  

One last thing…a quick favor, if I may ask.  Drop a line to your boy Steve Nash and see how he’s feeling about next year?  

Thanks holmes.



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