100% Efficiency: The Future of LBJ?

LeBron James is just killing it.  As the unauthorized biographer of LeBron’s ongoing meta-narrative, I feel compelled to write a few words about what he’s done the past six games, as well as what we can expect from him, as a result of this streak, over the next few years.  Let’s start with the simple proclamation that James is the hands-down MVP of the league this year.  Give credit to my friend, Zach Wasser, for predicting a transformational year out of Carmelo Anthony, but an apples-to-apples comparison of stats quickly puts to rest any questions as to LeBron’s superiority.

LeBron usually shoots around 48% from the field.  This year he’s at 57%.  He usually hits about 33% of his three-pointers.  This year he’s making them at a 42% clip.  He’s averaging a career-low in turnovers and a career-best in rebounds.  Right now, Kang is the closest thing we’ve ever seen to the perfect NBA player.

Now, let’s imagine his game continues to advance.  It’s not hard to envision, given the way he’s progressed over his career.  How close can he realistically get to 100% efficiency?  Can he put up a 30/10/10 triple double, going 12 for 12 from the floor, on a regular, nightly basis?  As crazy as this sounds, LeBron has been pretty darn close to doing this over the past 6 games already.  He just turned 28 and is only now reaching the thick of his prime.

I can’t say whether LeBron will ever figure out a way to shoot 100% from the field.  He would need to do a lot of dunking, which I am in favor of.  But the possibility of him reaching this unthinkable plateau, needs to at least be discussed in light of the past week and a half.  Just when we thought we’d seen his best, LeBron continues to prove we’re all witnesses to something greater, something unknown still, and something NBA fans will be sharing with their grandchildren decades from now.


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