Tonight, a Symbol for the Attainability of Greatness Faces His Toughest Test Yet

The time for greatness is now.  

People ask me why I love LeBron so much and I often allude to some sort of desire to be a part of something great — to witness history in the making much like NBA fans did with Michael Jordan in the 1990’s.  What I also want is for LeBron to rival the heroics of Jordan to show that greatness is not as elusive as figures like Jordan would have us believe.  The ability to find what you’re destined to do, to perfect that work, and achieve the greatest possible results — that ability is in all of us.  Unfortunately, in a world of vast inequality, many people don’t have the means to capitalize on their individual potential.  But those that can often become symbols of hope for the rest of us.

I have a very optimistic world view.  I believe in the power of positive thinking.  It’s rare when I’m not rooting for the underdog, and yet, here I am praying that the Heat even the series in Game 4 tonight.

LeBron, as much as he is hated or chastised for all of his imperfections, is as much a symbol for realizing one’s potential as he is the best player in the world right now.  His success would bring with it a narrative of hope.  This is the narrative that I’ve been grappling with and mesmerized by since his move to Miami. It’s also a narrative that will unfold in unprecedentedly dramatic ways this evening. 

My guess is that the Heat still win this series. It starts tonight with a heroic effort from LeBron in the face of more pressure, somehow, than he’s ever faced before.  A win tonight is an imperative step toward a second ring.  A second ring is a crucial step toward demythologizing the elusiveness of greatness.


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