Community Engagement Across Us

Human beings are inherently social. We’d die without each other. But capitalism and consumerism propel us to break into factions, into groups with special interests, and it makes it much harder for people with different experiences and values to come together in any meaningful way. Because, for one, it’s scary to go outside of your comfort zone, and for two, why bother when you have the solidarity of the familiar? But insular behavior such as this fuels no progress – we need to find ways to come together. People who don’t normally encounter each other need to get into the same space and, at the very least, see what happens. That’s why we need more fun events in our communal living spaces to bring us together, around shared topics of interest – like good food, or sports, or other hobbies shared across multiple group interests, to get people to the table. From there, the possibilities are endless. This is where I want to devote my life’s work.


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